w/ Green Jellö & The Convalescence

Thinky Flesh is a proto-punk weirdo rock group, lead by Slim Jelly. Currently on tour across the US with infamous punk rock legends, Green Jellö. Find us wherever you find yourself – because it’s in your head man.

Please buy some merch! We are totally DIY Slim has self produced, written, & directed all the tunes, music videos etc. Come out and see us across the country! We have been lucky to have the opportunity to play from Washington state all the way to Maine & everywhere in between.

She is watching
She is waiting
She is hustling

-Slim Jelly


Singer, bassist, songwriter, sax, and misc other instruments. She performs in Green Jello and on WTF-TV.COM She also co-manages “Edible Carnival“.

Thinky Flesh


You Can Find Us Wherever You Find Yourself


Drummer, singer, and consultant. She is also a painter and plays with Egg Drop Soup, Thelma and the Sleaze, Pearl Earl, and Heavy Pulp.


Thunder Drums

Jella Lagosi

Vampire Shredder


Shredlord Extrodinaire