Thinky Flesh

New release “Thinky Flesh” ~ Stream it everywhere & watch the video!! It’s a song about using your Brain Meats! ? – @brackcantrell? – @bailey_kakes? – @iluv2eatbalut? – Greg Smith (also on trombone)????? – @goldiewarlock

Ice Cream Beach Music Video

The second single from Thinky Flesh, “Ice Cream Beach” is about desire for delicious treats in the hot sun & the struggle to find something you long for. At its core, the song is about grammar & punctuation. It’s important to delineate sentences with proper punctuation so people understand what you are talking about. If… Continue reading Ice Cream Beach Music Video

First single “She”

Friday, February 5th, 2021 Get ready because this Friday Thinky Flesh, sister duo formed during the madness of 2020, drops their first single “She.” “She” is about the multiplicity of the feminine experience. The idea that “she” doesn’t have to be just one thing or one set of things. Women & femmes hold inside them… Continue reading First single “She”